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Mann Cup History Year Winner MVP 2014 Six Nations Chiefs Brandon Miller 2013 Six Nations Chiefs Cody Jamieson 2012 Peterborough Lakers Mike Thompson 2011 Brampton Excelsiors Anthony Cosmo 2010 Peterborough Lakers Shawn Evans 2009 Brampton Excelsiors Shawn Williams 2008 Brampton Excelsiors Anthony Cosmo 2007 Peterborough Lakers John Grant Jr. Steve Bono Jersey . 2006 Peterborough Lakers Dan Carey 2005 Victoria Shamrocks Anthony Cosmo 2004 Peterborough Lakers John Grant Jr. 2003 Victoria Shamrocks Andy Turner 2002 Brampton Excelsiors Josh Sanderson 2001 Coquitlam Adanacs Andy Ogilvie 2000 Brooklin Redmen Nick Trudeau 1999 Victoria Shamrocks Paul Gait and Gary Gait 1998 Brampton Excelsiors Pat OToole 1997 Victoria Shamrocks Gary Gait 1996 Six Nations Chiefs John Tavares 1995 Six Nations Chiefs Paul Gait 1994 Six Nations Chiefs Darris Kilgour 1993 Brampton Excelsiors John Tavares 1992 Brampton Excelsiors John Tavares 1991 New Westminster Salmonbellies Geordie Dean 1990 Brooklin Redmen Paul Gait 1989 New Westminster Salmonbellies Ben Hieltjes 1988 Brooklin Redmen Bill Thomas 1987 Brooklin Redmen Eric Cowieson 1986 New Westminster Salmonbellies Geordie Dean 1985 Brooklin Redmen Wayne Colley 1984 Peterborough Lakers John Grant 1983 Victoria Payless John Crowther 1982 Peterborough Lakers Jim Wasson 1981 New Westminster Salmonbellies Wayne Goss 1980 Brampton Excelsiors Barry Maruk 1979 Victoria Shamrocks Kevin Alexander 1978 Peterborough Red Oaks Tim Barrie 1977 Vancouver Burrards Doug Hayes and Mike Smith 1976 New Westminster Salmonbellies Dave Durante 1975 Vancouver Burrards Ron Pinder 1974 New Westminster Salmonbellies Ken Winzoski 1973 Peterborough Lakers Pat Baker 1972 New Westminster Salmonbellies Paul Parnell 1971 Brantford Warriors Bob McCready 1970 New Westminster Salmonbellies Paul Parnell 1969 Brooklin Redmen Bill Squires 1968 Brooklin Redmen John Cervi and Joe Timchishem 1967 Vancouver Carlings John Davis 1966 Peterborough Lakers John Davis 1965 New Westminster Salmonbellies Les Norman 1964 Vancouver Carlings Bob Allen 1963 Vancouver Carlings Gordon Gimple 1962 New Westminster OKeefes Jack Bionda 1961 Vancouver Burrards Bill Barbour 1960 Port Credit Sailors Dave Russell 1959 New Westminster OKeefes Jack Bionda 1958 New Westminster Salmonbellies Norm McKay 1957 Victoria Shamrocks Jack Northrup 1956 Nanaimo Timbermen Derry Davies 1955 Victoria Shamrocks Geordie Johnson 1954 Peterborough Timbermen Lloyd Wooton 1953 Peterborough Timbermen Ross Powless 1952 Peterborough Timbermen Lou Nickle 1951 Peterborough Timbermen Lloyd Wooton 1950 Owen Sound Crescents Lloyd Wooton 1949 Vancouver Burrards Don Matheson 1948 Hamilton Tigers Doug Favelle 1947 New Westminster Adanacs Bob Lee 1946 St. Catharines Athletics Doug Favelle 1945 Vancouver Burrards Frank Lee 1944 St. Catharines Athletics Ike Hildebrand 1943 New Westminster Salmonbellies B. Wilkes 1942 Mimico/Brampton Combines Bert Large 1941 St. Catharines Athletics Blackie Black 1940 St. Catharines Athletics 1939 New Westminster Adanacs 1938 St. Catharines Athletics 1937 New Westminster Salmonbellies 1936 Orillia Terriers 1935 Orillia Terriers 1934 Orillia Terriers 1933 Hamilton Tigers 1932 Mimico Mountaineers 1931 Brampton Excelsiors 1930 Brampton Excelsiors 1929 Oshawa Generals 1928 Ottawa Emmets 1927 New Westminster Salmonbellies 1926 Weston Westonmen 1925 New Westminster Salmonbellies 1924 New Westminster Salmonbellies 1923 New Westminster Salmonbellies 1922 New Westminster Salmonbellies 1921 New Westminster Salmonbellies 1920 New Westminster Salmonbellies 1919 Vancouver Foundation Club 1918 Vancouver Coughlans 1917 New Westminster Salmonbellies 1916 New Westminster Salmonbellies 1915 New Westminster Salmonbellies 1914 Vancouver Athletic Club 1913 Vancouver Athletic Club 1912 Vancouver Athletic Club 1911 Vancouver Athletic Club 1910 Toronto Young Torontos Leo Nomellini Jersey . The Calgary Stampeders announced both moves on Wednesday. Parker played 17 regular season games with the Stampeders in 2013, setting career-highs in catches (21) and yards (217). Ben Coates Jersey . The injury could land Machado on the 15-day disabled list, but its not as serious as it looked on Monday night, when the third baseman crumpled in a heap at the plate after taking an awkward swing in a game against the New York Yankees. . Canada will host Japan in a World Group first-round match in 2015. It will be a rematch of their first-round clash last year when Japan defeated Canada 4-1 to reach the World Group quarter-finals for the first time in its history.2. He reps the 4-1-6The insecurity of Canadian basketball fans is not what it once was with the home grown talent making its way to the big leagues, but it is still nice to see the local kids remembering where they come from once they make their way south. While on an official trip to North Carolina during recruiting season last season, Wiggins broke out an old school Raptors lid that just so happened to match perfectly with his shirt. He wore a similar one which visiting Florida St.– and the ladies seemed to love it. Was he forgetting about the Raptors purple? Of course not. Who could ever forget the purple.3. He makes Yeezus smileYe is a polarizing character to those that listen to the words that he actually says, rather than chalking it up to insanity. Rarely does he flash the pearly whites, but apparently the pride of Thornhill brings something to the table that few others do. Kanye looks genuinely happy, and we can only assume its because hes standing next to the future. 4. He reminds you to not jumpThere are some players that you simply should never try to jump with. Nothing good can come from the situation. You might get knocked over, you might get the Shawn Bradley treatment or you will forever be known as the guy on the poster. This kid onPittsburgh St. thought that he had a chance, but of course he didnt.West Virginia guard Eron Harris was wise to stay firmly planted on the ground and just let Wiggins soar past him. 5. He has some styleWe can thank the likes of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant for ushering in a generation of players with some style.It takes some skill to rock the white tux, but Wiggins pulls it off with ease.More white pants? Check. Raptors lid? Check. Crisp Royal House shirt? Check.Camo Pants. Slick shades. Fresh belt and two chains. This kid knows what he is doing.6. He makes it look easySome athletes have a blessing that they can make it look so easy and effortless that people often question how hard they are truly trying. Rickey Jackson Jersey. . Wiggins is buttery smooth and can glide through the lane with a couple steps and a soft finish at the rim.He picks it up at the three point line and before you can blink – he finishes with a soft finger roll. First college game, first college possession, first college bucket. The skills that he puts on display here are awe inspiring if you slow it down and realize how much happens in such a short period of time. 7. He supports his familyWe have all heard the stories of his athletic roots, but Andrew is as supportive of his family as they come. His brother plays for unbeatenWichita St., and he was sure to let people know that he has his families back no matter who they play for. Ridin to Wichita to kick it w/ my bro @Wiggys_WORLD15 — andrew wiggins (@22wiggins) September 20, 2013He was flanked by his parents when he signed with Kansas, and thanked them repeatedly for their support.8. He blazed his own trail – and said no to Coach CalFor the better part of the past decade, the smoothest pipeline from the college ranks to the NBA ran through Lexington, Kentucky and Coach Jim Calipari. John Wall, Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins – and prior to that he had Derrick Rose at Memphis. How could anyone say no?Well Wiggins decided to blaze his own trail and head to Kansas to do so. The fact that his brother was playing down the road surely had an impact, but the desire to break the mould and say no to the man that ships kid after kid into the association takes some marbles. Cal didnt do himself many favors by over recruiting and leaving little in the way of playing time available by the time that Wiggins was ready to commit – but it was impressive to see Wiggins do what he thought was truly best for himself, rather than following the herd. ' ' '

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Wszystkie czasy w strefie UTC + 1 [czas letni (DST)]

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