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Fast-forward to 2011-2012 air jordans 3 and the Air Jordan retro craze was at an all time high (Side note: Can you believe I bought a pair of Bordeaux 7s for below retail back in 2011?! Crazy!!). As soon as I graduated college I remember pretty much every single retro that released was selling out instantly online and in-stores. This was the time when people were allowed to camp-out outside of malls and stores, which unfortunately resulted in some senseless acts of violence. When Jordan Brand announced in 2014 that they were going to be "remastering" their retros in 2015 and also increasing the price AGAIN, people weren't tOo happy. I was one of those people thinking, "OK, you're raising the price because you're giving us better materials and craftsmanship that is similar to the OGs, so what's your excuse for raising the price the years before when you kept the same subpar quality"?

While the high prices and high production numbers for this year's retros are a big part of the reason they don't sell out instantly anymore, I feel that there's more reasons why that is. Sometimes it can be because of a bad colorway or a certain retro that people aren't drooling over (see: Air Jordan 20). So here I have a compiled a list of 10 Air Jordan Retros Of air jordan 1 mid 2015 That Didn't Sell Out Instantly and the reasons why I think that was the case. This Air Jordan 1 Low released during NBA All Star Weekend that was SWAMPED with lots of releases. I'm not sure if it just got lost in the shuffle of all the other releases like the Air Jordan 10 "Bulls Over Broadway" and "Lady Liberty", or people just weren't really feeling this shoe. Everyone loves the classic "bred" air jordan 6 colorway on the Air Jordan 1, just not the low top version.

If you waited long enough, you were able to pick these up for below retail. When the Air Jordan 20 originally released in 2005, it wasn't that popular of a sneaker. You were able to buy almost every colorway weeks after they released, and sometimes even at discounted prices. When news broke that the Air Jordan 20 was receiving the retro treatment this year people were excited. But once it actually arrived at retailers it seemed to be a different story. Not even the laser print all over the upper could make these "insta-cops." Call them what you want, the fact is that this Air Jordan 5 looks like it was rushed by Jordan Brand. When I look at it I feel like something is missing. Maybe some speckling on the midsole? Or some color air jordan mid 1 contrasting on the eyelets? SOMETHING! Besides, there's way too much blue on this sneaker.

The tumbled leather upper on this AJ 7 was a nice touch though, if this would have been the "Cardinal" colorway, game over! With Chris Paul and Blake Griffin on the roster, the Clippers were already kind of the unofficial official team of Jordan Brand (sorry, Charlotte Bobcats Hornets Jordans) and with Jackson that just put them over the top. But with Paul and Griffin carrying the flag for a current performance shoe, it is up to Captain Jack to pretty much do as he damn well pleases and rock all kinds of Jordans, both new and retro. But instead of just listing the basics like every Air Jordan 11, here is a look at 10 Air Jordan retros Stephen Jackson can wear for the Los Angeles Clippers.

Now let's get into the hopefuls& Nothing says "we're Brand Jordan and we can do whatever we want" better than the packaging for the Air Jordan 17. With a briefcase that would Irwin R. Schyster proud and a CD with video clips that would make even the most amateur YouTuber cringe these days, it was a silly symbol of unnecessary opulence. And if Jordan Brand were to ever remaster these, they need to bring it all back (yes, even the CD) for the sake of irony. The "Stealth" Air Jordan 20 is returning later this year, but that's not the 20 that should be making a comeback. One of the original colorways of the Air Jordan 20 is a white/varsity red-black makeup that holds a special place in my sneaker collection and it's also the colorway that Spike wore in the famous commercial for the silo. Thanks to the "Grape" retro of 2013, the Air Jordan 5 was overexposed beyond belief.

You can't call it favoritism though, especially since the Giants are amongst the worst teams in the league. Yes, Hakeem Nicks is already sponsored by Jordan Brand, but Tuck would be perfect for the sponsorship. His level of air jordans 6 dominance in the NFL has earned him two Super Bowl rings in his career, and his sneaker collection is well put together as evidenced by the pictures he posts in the freshest retro Air Jordans from his twitter account. It's a long shot lobbying for a defensive lineman to earn a Jordan Brand endorsement (Warren Sapp is the closest comparison), but Tuck would be the perfect big man to start with. ÿþTy Lawson has put up numbers in Denver and has really made his way into prominence since Carmelo left Obrazek the Nuggets in favor of the New York Knicks.

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Wszystkie czasy w strefie UTC + 1 [czas letni (DST)]

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