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ÿþI find it balenciaga triple s to be fresh clean a tiny bit powdery and really easy to wear. Mint is their but it really subtle I wish it was a little more prominent. This rose is great for all ages and is quite modern smelling. If you are looking for rose perfume definitely try this one out, its one of the better mainstream rose options out there. A great fragrance that is wearable all year long, its become one of my personal favorites.I love this fragrance. And I've read all the reviews, good and bad. It doesn't begin as an Oriental Floral, it's much to green for that. It is a bright and fresh rose that dries down to a soft lovely rosey amber.

On me at least! I can see why Balenciaga marketed this to a younger crowd, but don't let that stop you from trying it. I'm in balenciaga shoes my mid 50's and love this!My review of this disappeared so heres another one... This is not a typical smellME perfume, but I2 m hooked ! The top notes is somewhat similar to Guerlain a la mousson with a sweet watermelon or grapefruit, not as syroplike but a lot balenciaga sneakers fresher than mousson and not listed ... Its an ice cold wind of sweet freshness that hits you on first blast -this is lovely. It is sharp edgy crisp and beautiful. The smell of it gives you a lot more than the few notes ever could imagine.

I actually really really like this! it reminds me a lot of the previous Balenciaga perfumes but this one is more clean, soapy and floral. Its very simple and girly. can be considered sophisticated since its soft and inoffensive. I can really smell the roses strongly in the opening and after it balenciaga australia develops into a mixture of other florals with a slight soft amber in the base. the dry down is the part where it really reminds me of clean florally soap in the best way possible. i think this scent is appropriate for any occasion but personally for me it would be a day time scent since its not something strong or that noticeable, which is something i prefer for a special occasion or when going out at night.

I'm impressed. I was a little apprehensive while awaiting the delivery of my blind gift from a friend, since many people seemed to immensely dislike this offering from Balenciaga. Fresh, gentle buds of roses blooming out of the bottle, followed by sprays of mint and bundles of vetyver. But wait...a slightly powdery amber follows the fresh floral and green notes. The notes live in harmony well into the drydown where it mostly lingers as the amber base. Sillage medium and longevity is remarkable really. All in all, a lovely surprise and very much FB worthy. I like it most because I honestly find it unique, as others have remarked before.

I tried this yesterday and was impressed... balenciaga speed trainer Actually i think Balenciaga made a very innovative, very original, very uplifting smell here.. At first it reminded me of sun lotion (nivea, perhaps) but the way this smelled in the past, very nostalgic-romantic-tranquil. The flowers are truly detectable, but only as a background. To me the strongest were the caladium leaves, the amber and the vetiver. A wonderful smell, and particularly long lasting. I can understand that some people will love it while some will loathe it, due perhaps to its strong projection. Oh dear, after Balenciaga's marvelous, elegant, Obrazek melancholic, and addicting L'Essence, this was a real disappointment.

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Wszystkie czasy w strefie UTC + 1 [czas letni (DST)]

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